Poetry Workshops

Our workshops explore poetry on various topics with themes including self expression; mental health; relationships; overcoming adversity and more. During our workshops we invite participants to read, listen, speak, create, and share poetry.

Poetry is frequently used in structured therapy sessions; and on a personal level is accessed by many in times of need. It has the ability to inspire thought, change and creativity; it can also promote healing and personal growth. Through poetry we can creatively connect to self, others, and our communities.

You do not need to be a poet to take part. At Poetry Prescribed we welcome all writing levels- rest assured no previous writing experience is required to participate! We only ask that group members keep an open mind, and be willing to explore their own creative potential in a nurturing and judgement free environment.

Below listed are just some of the ways in which poetry can benefit us.


  • Has been repeatedly shown to relieve depressive symptoms, improve self esteem and self understanding, and encourage the expression of feelings
  • Inspires creativity
  • Promotes healing and personal growth
  • Alleviates anxiety and stress
  • Enhances problem solving skills
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Develops greater empathy and understanding of others
  • Can tap into powerful non verbal responses, much the way music does
  • Promotes self reflection and exploration
  • Validates emotional experiences
  • Can help people realise that many of their experiences are shared by others
  • Can boost your mood
  • Can say what you can’t
  • Improves communication skills
  • Helps individuals redefine their situation by opening up new ways of perceiving reality

Our signature workshops can accommodate up to 30 people at a time, and run for between 1 and 2.5 hours dependent on need. They can be booked as individual sessions, or as a course of 6 workshops. We are also able to design workshops for larger groups. Tell us your aims and objectives, give us a theme to work with, and we will put together a workshop to meet your requirement. Suitable for adult groups and young people (16-24), prices from £100