"Big thank you to Esi for providing a very interactive, fun and heartfelt session. The young people and I from City, Hackney and Waltham Forest MIND brought Esi in to inspire our own creative flow. We needed to bring more fun and creative ways to get young people aged 11-16 to express their emotions and feelings. Thank you so so much for sharing your gifts, talents and motivations for using poetry to express. A great tip to prevent a mental health decline and sustain a happy hobby. Thank you Esi, we love you" – Kaysen Asante, City, Hackney & Walthamstow MIND
"A safe, warm space to reflect and create. Inspiration for me is not easily come by, but Poetry Prescribed offers so many tools and vital conversations, it's hard not to leave feeling energized and ready to write! Can't wait for the next one." - Becksy Becks
"This workshop is full of beauty and healing, encouraging strength and forward thinking. The space, exercises and topics, are all conducive to artistic expression. Highly recommended! Thank you Esi for creating such an incredible workshop. Your passion is inspiring." – Aaron Daniel
"The workshop I went to on mental health was fantastic - Esi created a safe space for us to share our stories - struggles and successes - and capture them in our writing. I'll definitely be back." – Darren Randon
"An exceptionally safe space where attendees can feel no fear of judgement. I enjoyed my time at Poetry Prescribed and found the chosen pieces to be ones which stirred up some emotions in me which got me to participate. A huge round of applause to Esi for the exceptional work she has been doing, I look forward to future workshops." – Careen Latoya
"I am extremely pleased that I attended the poetry prescribed workshop! I have written poetry for many years but had never had the confidence to share my writing with anyone. I was welcomed by a group of truly lovely and extremely talented people. The workshop helped me find the confidence to share my writing in a very fun exercise which consisted of free writing and blackout poetry. Thank you Esi for holding such a great work shop, i left feeling very inspired and couldn't wait to tell everyone I know! I definitely recommend" - Jade Lauren
"Thank you so much for such an amazing workshop on Saturday. I felt moved, inspired and energised during and afterwards too. I genuinely don't know where that poem came from, and never would have believed I could write something, let alone something from the heart and imagination like that. You were awesome too and I was so impressed with the effort and thought that went into the workshop, along with the magical healing space you created for openness and trust... It was no wonder some on the workshop were brought to tears sharing the poems they had written without fear of judgement or disclosure outside of the group." - James Boris Kay
"Thanks for a great poetry workshop! It was a thoughtful and sensitive environment to explore personal journeys through poetry. A welcome gem of creativity!" – Nicola Kerr
"I've been to two of these amazing workshops and I can say the vibe is nice, everybody respects everyone in these workshops, and it literally gives people a chance to speak their truths and get bottled things up through poetry- and the best thing is it’s opened to anyone!!!!" – Yasuke Lowe
"The whole afternoon was insightful, honest, supportive, and filled with good vibes.
Regardless of whether you write everyday to have never written before - this workshop will and can accommodate you, whether it be through actually writing poetry or the freedom to discuss and interpret poetry. I really believe in this movement, the organisers & everyone that participates. It’s a beautiful, liberating environment and I’m so glad I came across this. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! I absolutely intend to become part of the furniture and I am supporting Poetry Prescribed every step of the way!" – Chelly LeRoc
"A safe space to unwind, unwrap, share, meet new people and maybe learn something new about yourself.
The workshop is intimate and inviting, and the host was really patient, supportive and encouraging.
It's one of those events you really need to try at least once." – Egemen Celik
"Definitely got my medicine's worth! Seriously amazing session with a wonderful supporting group of people. Promoting mindfulness, expression and creative feeling. Through words, lyrics and openness. Can't wait for the next one!" – Natalie Smyth